Prices that can't be beat

Introducing honest pricing

Business owners and decision makers typically don’t know the intricacies of websites and marketing. Unfortunately many agencies take advantage and apply ridiculous markups and contracts that hurt the businesses in the end.

At Lure, we have developed a fair pricing guideline and process, engineered for accuracy. It ensures our clients do not pay unnecessary amounts for things they won’t need. 

  • Beware of agencies that put you on a contract in which you have to buy yourself out!
  • Beware of agencies whose product or service does not end up yours!
  • Beware of agencies who use development platforms that limit you without you knowing!

No hassle pricing

Our prices are set and provide the best service possible while remaining competitive. Even the prices for our custom plans use our pricing and process guides.

Monthly payments til payoff

Depending on the service you choose, you can make monthly payments for 12 months to payoff!  Nobody else does this. We are proud to be your on your side.

Never settle for less

Our prices pay for some of the most talented and experienced professionals round. When it comes to technology and marketing, our diverse team leads the industry as we aim to be the company career seekers dream of working for.

Philantrophic ambitions

A portion of every sale helps our ambitions to improve the lives and education of people in our planet who desperately need it. We plan outreaches and donations ourselves, without involvement of organizations that take a cut to pay themselves.

Do you remember the first dollar you made?

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